English Vocabulary Quiz - Part 11

English Vocabulary Quiz for today

1. Lionize
a) act courageously
b) celebrate
c) debate
d) degrade

2. Aesthete
a) intellectual

b) physically gifted person
c) unimportant person
d) appreciator of beauty

3. Desiccated
a) lacking vitality
b) discussed widely
c) fragile
d) insulted

4. Circumscribe
a) restrict within limits
b) describe in detail
c) look around
d) vary

5. Bridle
a) restrain
b) injure
c) lead
d) wed

6. Behoove
a) be one’s duty
b) become important
c) liberate
d) move swiftly

7. Quip
a) hidden message
b) small amount
c) witty remark
d) formal accusation

8. Moot
a) too late
b) irrelevant
c) careful
d) meaningful

9. Convivial
a) friendly and lively
b) supporting life
c) hectic
d) sociable

10. Apposite
a) intelligent
b) unplacable
c) appropriate
d) succinct

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  3. On.what basis u r framing vocabulary quiz sir?

  4. Try 2 learn easily n interesting by creating ur own tricks like….
    1. Keshari Nath Tripathi has a BMW:-) (Now he s d Governor of Bihar,Mizoram n WestBengal)
    2. Sahitya shiromani samman winner Uday Pratap Singh s from?? Just Remember d first letters of his name UP(Uttar Pradesh)
    3. Union Budget: GAAR- Here v hav 2A’s so remember 2 years.. As per d budget GAAR will b implemented only after 2 years only on
    new financial year01.04.2017........

  5. • The city namely
    ‘Thane’ named as
    National Earth Hour
    Capital 2015 by
    World Wildlife Fund
    on 09th April 2015.

    -- While the city
    ‘Coimbatore’ was
    selected as National
    Earth Hour Capital in
    the year 2014.

    -- The city ‘Seoul’
    named as Global
    Earth Hour Capital
    2015 on 09th April
    2015 by World
    Wildlife Fund.
    • Hrushikesh
    Moolgavkar, the
    former Air Chief
    Marshal of Indian Air
    Force, died on 09th
    April 2015.
    • On 10th April 2015,
    India formally ended
    its massive evacuation efforts in Yeman namely ‘Operation Raahat’. About 5600 peopl were successfully
    evactuated under the
    • The Government of
    India rejected the
    proposal to gran
    mining license to
    Posco proposed by
    the State Government of Odisha on 09th April
    • India elected to four
    UN agencies on 08th
    April 2015. The
    agencies are United
    Nations Children’s
    Fund (UNICEF), World
    Food Programme
    (WFP), Commission on
    Crime Prevention and
    Criminal Justice
    (CCPCJ) and Governing Council of UN-Habitat.
    • Employees Provident
    Fund Organisation
    (EPFO) suspended its
    Rs.1000 inimum
    monthly pension
    scheme on 09th April
    2015. About 32 Lakh
    pensioners will hit
    under the scheme.
    • India successfully test fired Dhanush Ballistic Missile.

  6. hi Adi can you help me???? plz tell me how to preparation of sbi po descriptive test...

  7. Contact on this- srivastavaditya5@gmail.com

  8. May I also join you please

  9. plz post some more for bob po

  10. Raman sir, plz upload english grammer rules pdf,, also spotting errors tricks ..

  11. Raman sir, Cloze set in english seems too hard to solve.. plz sir provide some tricks,

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