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English Vocabulary Quiz - Part 12

Published on Tuesday, April 14, 2015
English Vocabulary Quiz for today :-

1. Audacity
a) intense emotion
b) suitability
c) knowledge
d) boldness

2. Diligent
a) skilled
b) careful and hard working
c) overly detailed
d) impoverished

3. Crystallize
a) come into existence
b) turn against
c) suffer
d) become definite

4. Variance
a) quality of being different
b) quality of being unknown
c) quality of being extreme
d) quality of being unique

5. Apex
a) innermost point
b) summit
c) a trivial part of something
d) bitter speech

6. Mundane
a) separate
b) routine
c) unpredictable
d) holy

7. Lucid
a) unclear
b) easy to understand
c) not strict
d) great in size

8. Conducive
a) hostile
b) helpful
c) lacking
d) joyful

9. Despot
a) source
b) tyrant
c) fraud
d) enemy

10. Maverick
a) unwanted person
b) warrior
c) radical thinker
d) conformist

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