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English Vocabulary Quiz - Part 14

Published on Thursday, April 16, 2015
English Vocabulary Quiz for today :-

1. Pertinent
a) relevant
b) uneducated
c) rude
d) thoughtful

2. Debunk
a) strengthen
b) disagree with

c) remove from storage
d) prove to be false

3. Buttress
a) support
b) intruder
c) unimportant person
d) unpublished work

4. Treacherous
a) involving betrayal
b) dramatic
c) tame
d) controllable

5. Tact
a) tidiness
b) disorder
c) kind words
d) proper social behaviour

6. Lachrymose
a) insufficient
b) intimidating
c) weepy
d) unethusiastic

7. Gambit
a) insult
b) wasteful action
c) scheme
d) quick attack

8. Ebullient
a) aggressive
b) antisocial
c) enthusiastic
d) outgoing

9. Corollary
a) undefined relationship
b) consequence
c) based on the heart
d) significance

10. Conciliate
a) detest
b) debate
c) abuse
d) make peace with

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