English Vocabulary Quiz - Part 14

English Vocabulary Quiz for today :-

1. Pertinent
a) relevant
b) uneducated
c) rude
d) thoughtful

2. Debunk
a) strengthen
b) disagree with

c) remove from storage
d) prove to be false

3. Buttress
a) support
b) intruder
c) unimportant person
d) unpublished work

4. Treacherous
a) involving betrayal
b) dramatic
c) tame
d) controllable

5. Tact
a) tidiness
b) disorder
c) kind words
d) proper social behaviour

6. Lachrymose
a) insufficient
b) intimidating
c) weepy
d) unethusiastic

7. Gambit
a) insult
b) wasteful action
c) scheme
d) quick attack

8. Ebullient
a) aggressive
b) antisocial
c) enthusiastic
d) outgoing

9. Corollary
a) undefined relationship
b) consequence
c) based on the heart
d) significance

10. Conciliate
a) detest
b) debate
c) abuse
d) make peace with

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  1. sir ,please solve this and also provide the logic

    How many steps will be required to complete the above input?
    Passage :

    When an input line of words is given to a word and number rearrangement machine, it rearranges them following a particular rule in each step. The following is an illustration of input and the steps of arrangement.

    Input : But another possible and perfectly grammatical reading is
    Step I: and another But grammatical is perfectly possible reading
    Step II: perfectly and another But grammatical is possible reading
    Step III: perfectly But and another grammatical is possible reading
    Step IV: perfectly But is and another grammatical possible reading
    Step V: perfectly But is another and grammatical possible reading
    Step VI: perfectly But is another grammatical and possible reading
    Step VII: perfectly But is another grammatical reading and possible
    Step VIII: perfectly But is another grammatical reading possible and
    Step IX: 9 1 7 8
    Step X: 1 7 8 9
    Step X is the last step of arrangement.
    As per the rule followed in the above steps, give the answer of following questions for the given input.
    Input : You can do make crazy sounding sentences that still look

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  10. Can you explain the 5th question by any shortcut method !!

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  38. Nitin shankar singhMay 3, 2015 at 12:33 PM

    A:B = 160:100 = 8:5
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  39. 24 men can complete a work in16day and 32 women can complete same work in 24 days. 16 men and 16women started working and worked for 12 days. how many more days to be added to complete work

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