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English Vocabulary Quiz - Part 15

Published on Friday, April 17, 2015
English Vocabulary Quiz for today :-

1. Unseemly
a) unreal
b) improper
c) innocent
d) not believable

2. Admonish
a) reward
b) despise
c) warn
d) mistreat

3. Unnerve
a) care for
b) calm down
c) make one lose confidence
d) make sleepy

4. Diatribe
a) large group
b) bitter verbal attack
c) speech that praises
d) hostile takeover

5. Conciliate
a) detest
b) debate
c) make peace with\
d) abuse

6. Dog
a) pursue
b) be opinionated
c) remain loyal to
d) avoid

7. Telltale
a) uncharacteristic
b) revealing
c) talkative
d) misleading

8. Bastardization
a) false story
b) scandalous affair
c) glorious outcome
d) corruption

9. Artifice
a) trickery
b) elaborate display
c) slow-wittedness
d) patience

10. Antic
a) grotesque
b) serious
c) childish
d) respected

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