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English Vocabulary Quiz - Part 20

Published on Saturday, April 25, 2015
English Vocabulary Quiz for today :-

1. Inarticulate
a) not speaking clearly
b) lacking creativity
c) harmful
d) straightforward

2. Martial
a) hidden
b) well meaning

c) relating to marriage
d) warlike

3. Sanction
a) grant permission
b) make known
c) deceive
d) uproot

4. Evenhanded
a) symmetrical
b) thorough
c) cautious, wise
d) fair, unbiased

5. Intermittent
a) unlikely
b) occurring on and off
c) in between
d) offensive

6. Diminutive
a) diminishing
b) insulting
c) unpopular
d) small

7. Augment
a) preserve
b) increase
c) overtake
d) release

8. Unviable
a) not able to work
b) unlivable
c) lacking energy
d) corrupt

9. Nonchalant
a) appearing unconcerned
b) irrelevant
c) acting rashly
d) careful

10. Appreciable
a) massive
b) cumulative
c) noticeable
d) expressing praise

Vocabulary list PDF

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