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Net Neutrality - How Telecom Companies will Manipulate the Internet

Published on Sunday, April 19, 2015
This is an important article because Telecoms companies and TRAI are trying to change the way we use internet. 

The principle of net neutrality is to give internet access to every subscriber unconditionally. Currently in India we enjoy net neutrality. 

TRAI invited feedback from citizen and asked whether “discrimination” via providing net access conditionally is reasonable or not; citizens have answered: don’t discriminate. What telcos spin is they say “free internet for poor” under the cost of a biased net neutrality. Monopolies hurt the consumer and are at the root of crony capitalism. No unfair advantage should be given to deep-pocketed adults like google, facebook, flipkart etc. , because these big giants can pay net access funds to internet/telecom service providers but not small firms can do that. The vigilante is also in the hands of customers or common people that they should ensure not taking free access of a particular service provider without net neutrality and thinking of other customers getting proper speed—another service provider with net neutrality but speed down due to traffic occupied by a compromised net neutrality. So charge customers for how much data they use and not control for what websites they visit.

The Federal Communications Commission(FFC) of the US enforced net neutrality rules in february 2015 this year. The core argument was that after the globalization the net has now become an integral part of a living by facilitating: economic, social and political lifein the contemporary world. So net should be allowed to breathe free. FFC set the standards for net neutrality—no blocking of a particular website; not practicing some sites in fast lane and some sites in slow lane—which we wish to follow now.

Internet is like an ecosystem where every entity does work independently and breathe freely to contribute in the system without any discrimination.

Manupulations Telecom companies will do after 24 April 2015

1) Websites of big companies will be faster

Big corportaions have deep pockets so they can pay telecom operators to make their websites faster. Telecom companies are already putting all of their efforts to make all web fast. 

But after getting right to manupulate the internet, instead of making web faster, they will make small websites slower.

In short +BankExamsToday and all other useful small websites will be slow and educational websites by big corporations will be faster.

It will directly impact the end users because the amount to be paid to telecom opertaor will come from end users.  

2) Seperate data packs for various services

As per OTT paper by TRAI. telecom opertaors spend huge money to set up internet infrature but they don't get any revenue share from OTT services.

In short - Telecom companies want a share in OTT services such as WharsApp, Facebook massenger, Skype etc.

My Answer is 
You are not making any money out of it because you didn't make it.

3) No data frequired to open few websites

As per Airtel Zero plan, many users need not to pay for certain websitres.

In a short span of time there will be 200-250 odd websites and Apps which won't require any data pack. People will stop purchasing internet packs.

It's great thing. Right ?


If there is just Flipkart in your phone and NO Amazon, Snapdeal and thousands of other ecommerce portals then Flipkart can charge a premium on prices, because they know that you can't even compare the prices. 

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