Vocabulary Quiz - Part 9

Vocabulary Quiz for today :-

1. Profuse
a) short-tempered
b) large
c) abundant
d) confident

2. Modicum
a) dishonesty
b) a small amount
c) an average size
d) playful behaviour

3. Bleak
a) Aggressive
b) hopeless
c) average
d) promising

4. Pastoral
a) wealthy
b) rural
c) hidden
d) bygone

5. Meander
a) long for
b) speak unclearly
c) set in motion
d) wander

6. Appropriate
a) make known
b) take forcefully
c) open
d) make unsable

7. Contentious
a) without planning
b) satisfied
c) competitive
d) causing arguments

8. Proponent
a) specialist
b) supporter
c) adviser
d) energy booster

9. Inviolable
a) forgotten
b) well-liked
c) sacred
d) peaceful

10. Complaisant
a) cheerfully obedient
b) bossy
c) stubborn
d) self-satisfied

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  1. Very informative

  2. Nice postposta

  3. its not complasaint but complacent
    and inviolable doesn't mean scared but something which cant be violated

  4. please also post in ur blog in how many years a clerk become po and whole procedure and eligibility. It will really help many students

  5. Ok sir please post today

  6. agreed sir it was just a bit of confusion

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  8. Question no5 who s ceo of snapdeal. I guess this question is highly irrelevant to our subject which they won't ask in our gov't xams. Kindly take down.

  9. sir i have recently given the nic assistant exam.

    I m expecting my total score around 150.

    Is there any sectional cut off?

    I have attempted 4 sections very well out of 5, but i could not attempt in last section.

    what are my chances of getting selected?

  10. Raman sir,

    SBI SO online apply link doesnt work. It shows "Application will be started on 08-04-2015" when will i able to apply.... :(

  11. when will be the mains of sbi?

  12. Sruthima GadhireddyMay 5, 2015 at 11:11 AM

    sir , will please tell me the expected date of SBI po 2015 preliminary exam date
    please please tell me

  13. sambasiva choudaryMay 12, 2015 at 10:32 PM

    All Interview experiences of qualified candidates



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