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Vocabulary Quiz - Part 7

Published on Sunday, April 05, 2015
Vocabulary Quiz for today :-

1. Malapropism
a) allusion
b) forceful taking
c) subtle remark
d) confusing similar words

2. Maladroit
a) comical
b) clumsy
c) vicious
d) inappropriate

3. Facetious
a) many-sided
b) humorous
c) bitterly sarcastic
d) remarkable

4. Glean
a) collect
b) entangle
c) discuss
d) remove

5. Abrogate
a) overturn a law
b) take aggressively
c) side with
d) bring into existence

6. Schadenfreude
a) contentedness
b) composure
c) joy in others suffering
d) place of safety

7. Unprepossessing
a) unremarkable
b) greedy
c) infamous
d) charitable

8. Peevish
a) hungry
b) desperate
c) irritable
d) tiny

9. Eponym
a) special skill
b) unfamiliar term
c) derived from a name
d) vague remark

10. Redress
a) overtake
b) correct unfairness
c) put clothes on
d) disregard

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