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English Vocabulary Quiz for 11 May 2015

Published on Monday, May 11, 2015
English Vocabulary Quiz for today :-

1. Scrupulous
a) uncommon
b) financially driven
c) using extreme care
d) unprincipled

2. Cardinal
a) most important
b) holy
c) secondary
d) obvious

3. Rudimentary
a) lacking manners
b) basic
c) highly intelligent
d) specialized

4. Cede
a) provide
b) follow
c) mix up
d) give up control

5. Morph
a) decrease in size
b) change dramatically
c) converge
d) take from

6. Forthright
a) speaking carefully
b) aggressive
c) rigid in manner
d) honest in speaking

7. Cornucopia
a) abundant supply
b) restrictive setting
c) lengthy written work
d) verbal attack

8. Attenuate
a) focus intensely
b) transition
c) specialize
d) taper off

9. Squelch
a) squeak
b) suppress
c) support
d) gossip

10. Reverent
a) well known
b) loyal
c) deeply respectful
d) nomadic

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