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English Vocabulary Quiz for 15 May 2015

Published on Friday, May 15, 2015
English Vocabulary Quiz for today :-

1. Afford
a) mistreat
b) give opportunity for
c) gain wealth
d) pry open

2. Savvy
a) hungry
b) well-informed
c) moving swiftly
d) sarcastic

3. Misanthrope
a) fighter for truth
b) foreigner
c) depressed person
d) hater of people

4. Inimitable
a) without equal
b) mediocre
c) hostile
d) despicable

5. Creditable
a) good but not great
b) certain
c) believable
d) having money

6. Fickle
a) antisocial
b) changing unpredictably
c) overly sensitive
d) fault-finding

7. Credulity
a) cautiousness
b) tendency to believe
c) distinction
d) hate

8. Heyday
a) pinnacle
b) pay period
c) notorious incident
d) great festivity

9. Copious
a) vigilant
b) outspoken
c) abundant
d) dealing with pain

10. Elusive
a) vague
b) respectful
c) hard to pin down
d) questionable

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