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English Vocabulary Quiz - Part 24

Published on Saturday, May 02, 2015
English Vocabulary Quiz - Part 23 :-

1. Dictatorial
a) extremely bossy
b) speaking freely
c) highly agitated
d) stubborn

2. Throughgoing
a) absolute, complete
b) sociable
c) well-traveled
d) strict

3. Precedent
a) popular idea
b) earlier example
c) future knowledge
d) penalty

4. Laudable
a) distracting
b) praiseworthy
c) impolite
d) inevitable

5. Thwart
a) attack
b) swing at
c) block
d) rely on

6. Undermine
a) encourage
b) contradict
c) weaken
d) alert

7. Doleful
a) filled with hate
b) very sad
c) unlinked
d) broken into parts

8. Demean
a) decrease in size
b) boss around
c) insult
d) to make average

9. Benign
a) harmless
b) widespread
c) insignificant
d) generous

10. Discord
a) quick movement
b) loud sound
c) harsh language
d) disagreement

Vocabulary list PDF

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