English Vocabulary Quiz - Part 26

Published on Tuesday, May 05, 2015
General Awareness Quiz for today :-

1. Amply
a) energetically
English b) ably
c) hungrily
d) fully

2. Irk
a) Steal from
b) pursue

c) annoy
d) question

3. Avid
a) dry
b) fatigued
c) enthusiastic, keen
d) not giving up

4. Decorum
a) mischief
b) fancy display
c) proper conduct
d) angry criticism

5. Pragmatic
a) clever
b) rehearsed
c) practical
d) predictable

6. Veritable
a) without a doubt
b) honest
c) growing wildly
d) scattered

7. Transient
a) general
b) short-lasting
c) found everywhere
d) unclear

8. Spartan
a) argumentative
b) challenging
c) warlike
d) unconcerned with comfort

9. Miser
a) wise spender
b) sad person
c) one who is cheap
d) fault-finder

10. Opaque
a) bitter
b) very old
c) likely to argue
d) tough to understand

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