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English Vocabulary Quiz - Part 29

Published on Saturday, May 09, 2015
English vocabulary quiz for today

1. Cataclysm
a) violent upheaval
b) grammatical error
c) unruly behavior
d) return to former state

2. Tirade
a) business endeavor
b) illegal act
c) angry speech
d) endless debate

3. Unequivocal
a) vague
b) subtle
c) having a clear meaning
d) not equal in force

4. Taxing
a) legitimate
b) attacking
c) government related
d) exhausting

5. Presumptuous
a) indirect
b) known indirectly
c) rebellious
d) overly forward

6. Artlessness
a) innocence
b) disgrace
c) ineptitude
d) healthiness

7. Elude
a) give an illusion of
b) refer to
c) fail to be grasped
d) behave unjustly

8. Preemptive
a) domineering
b) done first
c) rude
d) occurring in the past

9. Preempt
a) speak first
b) discourage
c) rule unfairly
d) take the place of

10. Juggernaut
a) riddle
b) unstoppable force
c) unlikely outcome
d) one with great agility

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