English Vocabulary Quiz - Part 31

Published on Tuesday, May 12, 2015
English Vocabulary Quiz for today :-

1. Vitriol
a) great insight
b) abusive language
c) discarded items
d) unimportant thing

2. Debonair
a) well-read
b) sophisticated, charming
c) sly
d) careful

3. Aberrant
a) cautious
b) irrelevant
c) abnormal
d) unbelievable

4. Hound
a) discover
b) unleash
c) pursue relentlessly
d) cover up

5. Compound
a) bring together
b) make more intense
c) tire out
d) work against

6. Entice
a) tempt
b) harass
c) enslave
d) insult

7. Coalesce
a) capture
b) lapse
c) work together
d) fuse

8. Hodgepodge
a) embarrassing situation
b) abusive language
c) mixture
d) slight suggestion

9. Discrete
a) separate
b) subtle
c) careful
d) sophisticated

10. Assiduously
a) bitter in tone
b) growing rapidly
c) with great care
d) short-lived

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