English Vocabulary Quiz - Part 33

Published on Thursday, May 14, 2015
English Vocabulary Quiz for today :-

1. Improvident
a) unproven
b) ruthless
c) poor
d) not careful

2. Bemoan
a) lament
b) tire rapidly
c) cry out in pain
d) move unsteadily

3. Betray
a) release
b) sabotage
c) reveal
d) deceive

4. Contemptuous
a) likely to argue
b) neutral
c) satisfied
d) scornful

5. Primacy
a) oddness
b) first in order
c) savageness
d) of greatest importance

6. Immaterial
a) unbelievable
b) irrelevant
c) strict
d) not weighing much

7. Patronize
a) treat condescendingly
b) discuss openly
c) criticize severely
d) make famous

8. Languish
a) become weak
b) speak against
c) remain quiet
d) conquer

9. Aphorism
a) blunt statement
b) short saying
c) ignorance
d) redundancy

10. Refute
a) pollute
b) cast doubt on
c) disprove
d) combine

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