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English Vocabulary Quiz - Part 43

Published on Thursday, May 28, 2015
English Vocabulary Quiz for today :-

1. Anemic
a) lacking energy
b) hostile
c) careless
d) clever

2. Spendthrift
a) fatigued
b) wasteful with money
c) wise and money
d) robber

3. Transmute
a) move slowly
b) overturn
c) alter in form
d) become quiet

4. Denouement
a) verbal attack
b) resolution of a story
c) ceasefire
d) falling apart

5. Underscore
a) emphasize
b) weaken
c) perform less well on
d) support

6. Chimera
a) illusion
b) high pitched sound
c) witty saying
d) deep mystery

7. Unimpeachable
a) blameless
b) arrogant
c) indefensible
d) popular

8. Mitigate
a) work against
b) foolishly attempt
c) conceal
d) lessen severity of

9. Rebuke
a) pamper
b) hold accountable
c) deny
d) criticize severely

10. Reprisal
a) informative account
b) repetitive action
c) retaliatory action
d) poor imitation

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