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First Steps to prepare for GK section of IBPS exams

Published on Monday, May 11, 2015
GK or General Awareness is an important and marks rich section in IBPS and other recruitment exams. It's relatively easy to prepare and perform well in this section.

What is special in IBPS GA

In IBPS notification name of section clearly mentioned as "General Awareness with special reference to Banking Awareness". Major part of GA comes from Banking and finance industry.


What to pick

Newspaper - Every GK magazine is made from newspapers. I recommend "The Hindu", if it is not available at your place then read "The Indian Express". Newspapers will help you improving your reading speed. If have started preparations for banking exams then my first suggestion will be to subscribe a newspaper now!

GK Digest - If you are following this site from past few weeks then I am sure that you are following GK Digest. Every month, we publish a monthly current affairs digest and we call it "GK Digest". We make it for banking aspirants. It contains current affairs for the month plus some informative articles to explain banking processes and terms.

What to avoid

BSC magazine - Magazine for the month of May written in first week of April so practically you are reading 1 month old current affairs. Further in every issue, editors copy paste 2-3 model papers. If you are looking for model papers for practice then go it, else avoid it

India Book 2015 - I recommend India Book 2015 for SSC CGL but if you are preparing for banking and insurance exams then avoid it at any cost. This book will take months to complete but you will find only few questions from it. Banking and finance industry is not properly covered.

Printed books for GK - It is foolish to purchase printed GK books for local book stores. Many reputed publishers like Ariahnt and Upkar are publishing books for GK but these books are outdated for banks exams. If a books was printed in Jan 2014 then it has no use for to be conducted in June-July 2015. All the experts recommend to read last 6 months GK what to do with a book that was printed 6 months back. So it's content might be at least a year old.

Must read 

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