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English Vocabulary Quiz - Part 39

Published on Saturday, May 23, 2015
Vocabulary Quiz for today :-

1. Belligerent
a) outspoken
b) eager to fight
c) beautiful
d) incoherent

2. Disparate
a) fundamentally different
b) saddened
c) broken into groups
d) unique

3. Dilapidated
a) run down
b) obscure
c) unhappy
d) without style

4. Noisome
a) unholy
b) foul-smelling
c) loud
d) widely celebrated

5. Rustic
a) old, worn-down
b) overused
c) relating to country
d) not functioning

6. Tempestuous
a) intensely emotional
b) moving rapidly
c) unhappy
d) dazzling in effect

7. Ostracize
a) exclude
b) add details to
c) be obvious
d) act flamboyantly

8. Unpropitious
a) unskilled
b) without plan
c) unlikely to be successful
d) plainly obvious

9. Smug
a) deceitful
b) self-satisfied
c) critical of others
d) uncertain

10. Fawn
a) act peacefully
b) play idly
c) deceive
d) flatter extremely

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