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English Vocabulary Quiz - Part 57

English Vocabulary Quiz for today :-

1. Cupidity
a) greed for money
b) love for people
c) romance
d) nasty remark

2. Impugn
a) insult
b) regard as true
c) call into question
d) shun

3. Pittance
a) regret
b) sympathy
c) small amount
d) danger

4. Amalgam
a) illegal action
b) mixture
c) magical potion
d) clever trick

5. Brook
a) overtake
b) become quiet
c) allow
d) put up with

6. Amorphous
a) elementary
b) shapeless
c) undignified
d) evil

7. Scintillating
a) vibrating
b) harmful
c) brilliant
d) sinful

8. Rile
a) cover up
b) verbally attack
c) annoy
d) be victorious

9. Snide
a) blissful
b) lighthearted
c) indirectly mocking
d) tiny, insubstantial

10. Facile
a) lacking depth
b) humorous
c) inexperienced
d) graceful, supple

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