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English Vocabulary Quiz - Part 62

Published on Thursday, June 25, 2015
English Vocabulary Quiz for today :-

1. Ponderous
a) thoughtful
b) marshy
c) moving slowly
d) gentle

2. Besotted
a) anticipated
b) unreliable
c) unpopular
d) very infatuated

3. Stem
a) spread rapidly
b) not participate
c) limit growth
d) nurture

4. Sartorial
a) relating to clothes
b) perverted
c) bitterly sarcastic
d) mockingly light

5. Indigent
a) native
b) angry
c) undignified
d) poor

6. Circumvent
a) exercise caution
b) get out of duty
c) travel frequently
d) talk constantly

7. Ephemeral
a) lightly decorated
b) brilliant
c) short lived
d) hidden

8. Tawdry
a) antique
b) cheap, showy
c) friendly
d) questionable

9. Mendicant
a) expert
b) beggar
c) liar
d) artist

10. Sycophant
a) dangerous person
b) flatterer
c) brilliant display
d) ailing patient

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