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Verbs - Simple and Concise English Grammar Notes

Published on Monday, June 15, 2015

Will , Shall

Generally ' will ' is used with ' We ' and ' You ' & ' Shall ' with ' I ' But in deterministic cases ' will ' is used with ' I '.
Eg : I will do this work.
' Shall ' is used with ' You '.
  • Always use shall with you:
  1.  Shall be grateful
  2. Shall be obliged
  3. Shall be forced
 I know I will be compelled to leave this house this week.

Would , Should

  • Would is past form of will
( used in narration )
Eg. Ram said to shyam, " I shall go to office".
Ram told shyam that he would go to office.
  • for polite request
Eg. Would you like to have cofee.

Can , Could

  • could is used in past
( It is used in the place of can in past )
  • formal request
Eg. Could I meet to the director.


  • Used for advice
Eg. You should read newspaper.


Must is used for compulsion 
Eg. You must read the newspaper.

May , Might

Both these are used for possibility
  1. It may rain today.( there is a possibility that it will rain )
  2. It might rain today.
( few possibility or in negative form )
Past of may - might
  • May is used for permissible request
Eg. May I come in.

Ought to

Used for moral duties.
Eg. You ought to respect your elders.

It being a storm you must thought of postponing all your programs. [ Correct : think ]

Rule : Always use 1st form of verb with Modals.

# Marginal Auxiliary Verb


He needs you.
[ main verb ]

He needs not to go there. [ Correct : need ]
[ need act as helping verb ]
 Correct : he need nto go there.


same rules as for ' need '

Used to 

Eg. He used to go there.
  • always use ' to ' with ' used '
  • always use First form of veb with ' used '
  • ' used ' is used for past.
Eg. He used to go there
[ never used ' uses ' for general cases in present ]
Incorrect : He uses to go there.
Correct    : He goes there .
Incorrect : He uses to study in night
Correct    : He studies in the night.

# Primary Auxiliary verbs

Is, am , are 

They are used in present tense 
These verbs can come only following cases :
         1. As a main verb
Eg. Ram is a good boy.
[ act as main verb ]
          2. In continuous tense
Eg. Ram is playing cricket. [ is + v1 + ing ]
          3. In passive voice
Eg. Cricket is played by Ram.  [ is + v3 ]

Do , Does , Did

all of these are used with first form of verb.
Eg. Do you doubted about the success of this boy.

Has, Have, Had

  • always used with V3
  • Used in perfect tense
Eg. 1. The criminal will certainly be hung. [ Correct : hanged ]
2. The workers fell no lesser than 200 trees within 6 hours. [ Correct : fewer ]
3. We advise him to marry his daughter as she had come to a marriagable age.
Correct: We advised him to get his daughter married as she had come to a marriagable age.

Some Confusing Verbs

Lie lied Lied
Lie lay layed
Lay lied Laid
Hold held Held ( grasp )
Held held Held ( organized something )
Fall fell Fallen
fell felled felled

In many lesser leaders were present in the function.[ Correct : means less important ]

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