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Axis Bank Young Bankers Interview Questions

List of important questions for Axis Bank Young bankers program.

Banking questions :-

  • What are today's headlines ?
  • What is CRR and SLR ?
  • What will be the impact of sinking Greece economy on India ?
  • What are NPAs
  • What is the impact of change in value of INR in terms of US $ on inflation ?
  • What are various functions of RBI
  • Suppose a bank has Rs.100. How much loan it can give to you ?
  • What is the difference between GDP and GNP ?
  • What are the various risks faced by a bank ?
  • Liquidity risk, Interest rate risk, Exchange rate risk
  • What are the various services provided by the Bank ?
  • What are mutual funds ? Types of mutual funds ?
  • History, CEO, MD and headquarter of Axis bank

Personal questions :-

  • After Engineering why you want to join a bank ?
  • Why Axis bank and why not a public sector bank ?
  • Can you move to a metro city ?
  • Are you working right now ?
  • There is gap between your academics. What's the reason ?

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