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Banking Awareness Quiz - Part 3

Published on Thursday, July 30, 2015
Banking Awareness Quiz for today :-

Q1. Which among the following is the oldest Public Sector Bank of India?
a) Punjab National Bank 
b) Central Bank of India
c) Allahabad Bank
d) Bank of Baroda 
e) State Bank of India

Q2. Name the 5 cities where RBI issued plastic notes ?
a) Kochi,Patna,Delhi,Ahmadabad and Chennai 
b) Jaipur,Shimla,Delhi,Patna and Mimbai 
c)Mumbai,Shimla,Jaipur,Patna and Chennai 
d) Jaipur,Shimla,Kochi,Mysore and Mumbai
e) Kochi,Mysore,Jaipur,Bhubhaneswar and Shimla

Q3. Which country issued first purely plastic note ?
a) New Zealand.
b) Mexico,
c) Singapore,
d) Fiji and Canada
e) Australia

Q4. Rate of interest is determined by : 
a) Commercial Bank
b) Public Bank
c) Private Bank
d) RBI
e) None of these

Q5. India's first non-bank owned ATM (White Label ATMs) open in ?
a) Delhi
b) Bihar
c) Uttar-Pradesh
d) Maharashtra
e) Gujarat

Q6. What is White Label ATM ?
a) Owned by Bank
b) Owned by RBI
c) Owned by State
d) Owned by Center
e) None of these

Q7. Name the four entities which are authorised by RBI to operate as WLAs ?
a)National Payment Corporation of India,Vakrangee Ltd.,Tata Communications Payment Solutions and Prizm Payment Services Pvt. Ltd.
b) Vakrangee Ltd.,Tata Communications, Prizm Payment Solution,Reliance and
c) Tata Communications,Prizm Payment Services,Muthoot Finance and Vakrangee Ltd
d) Reliance, Tata Communications , Muthoot Finance and Vakrangee ltd.
e) None of these

Q8. India s largest commercial Bank is : ?
a) Bank of Baroda  
b) State Bank of India  
d) Punjab National Bank 
e) Central Bank of India

Q9. A bank account which does not require any minimum balance is termed as
(a) Nil balance account
(b) Zero balance account
(c) Frill account
(d) No Frill account
(e) None of these

Q10.  Bank deposits that can be withdrawn without notice are called :
a) Demand Deposits
b) Fixed Deposits
c) On Demand and Time  Deposits
d) Basic Savings Deposits
e) None of these

Q11. Contemporary Currency notes have ___ languages on the panel which appear on the reverse of the note.
a) 14 languages
b) 12 languages
c) 16 languages
d) 14 languages
e) 15 languages

Q12. Mutilated Notes are ?
a) Notes which are in pieces and/or of which the essential portions are missing
b) Any bank note, which is wholly or partially, obliterated, shrunk
c) Notes which are washed, altered or indecipherable
d) Notes which are wholly or partially, obliterated, shrunk, washed, altered or indecipherable
e) None of these

Q13. Minimum Limit for sending money to Nepal through NEFT(National Electronic Fund Transfer) in a single day ?
a ) 10 thousand
b) 50 thousand
c) No limit
d) 2 Lakh
e) None of these

Q14. Notice Money is a money lend for a period of ?
a) Between 2 and 14 days
b) exceeding 14 days
c) 1 day
d) 2 day
e) None of these

Q15. Which is incorrect about NBFC (Non-Banking Financial Company) ?
a) It cannot accept demand deposits
b) deposit insurance facility of Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation is not available to depositors of NBFCs, unlike in case of banks.
c) NBFCs do not form part of the payment and settlement system and cannot issue cheques drawn on itself
d) NBFCs cannot offer interest rates higher than the ceiling rate prescribed by RBI from time to time. The present ceiling is 12.5 per cent per annum
e) The deposits with NBFCs are not insured.

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