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English Vocabulary Quiz - Part 66

Published on Thursday, July 02, 2015
English Vocabulary Quiz for today :-

1. Mollify
a) patronize
b) soothe
c) upset
d) praise

2. Pontificate
a) describe briefly
b) officially appoint
c) capture randomly
d) speak pompously

3. Construe
a) deceive
b) mix up
c) interpret
d) construct

4. Probity
a) tenseness
b) integrity
c) likelihood
d) curiosity

5. Intrepid
a) fearless
b) skilled
c) cheeky
d) observant

6. Besmirch
a) hold in place
b) expend effort
c) dishonor
d) break apart

7. Conflate
a) separate
b) mislead
c) increase
d) mix together

8. Bilious
a) grumpy
b) unhealthy
c) depressed
d) stressed

9. Dogmatic
a) holy
b) fair
c) supernatural
d) opinionated

10. Jaundice
a) bias
b) openness
c) obsession
d) weakness

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