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English Vocabulary Quiz - Part 68

Published on Tuesday, July 07, 2015
English Vocabulary Quiz for today :-

1. Graft
a) movement
b) corruption
c) sincerity
d) foundation

2. Prognostication
a) prediction
b) denial
c) seriousness
d) public speech

3. Broadside
a) generality
b) journalistic article
c) verbal attack
d) high praise

4. Panegyric
a) pressure
b) disloyalty
c) formal praise
d) extreme behavior

5. Arrogate
a) oppose
b) nourish
c) seize without authority
d) conceal

6. Dilettante
a) compromise
b) dabbler
c) minor offense
d) childish person

7. Semblance
a) unlikeliness
b) convergence
c) misleading appearance
d) ability to create

8. Umbrage
a) connection
b) darkness
c) hesitation
d) offense

9. Tractable
a) discernible
b) calm
c) likely to fight
d) easily managed

10. Superfluous
a) clear
b) more than necessary
c) highly specialized
d) flowing freely

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