English Vocabulary Quiz - Part 70

Published on Tuesday, July 14, 2015
1. Gregarious
a) popular
b) sociable
c) skilled
d) merry

2. Flux
a) uncertainty
b) poverty
c) heaviness
d) openness

3. Poignant
a) relevant
b) precise
c) emotionally touching
d) unlikely to occur

4. Temerity
a) fearless daring
b) outrage
c) cleverness
d) timidness

5. Exhort
a) encourage
b) take advantage of
c) mislead
d) find fault

6. Buck
a) hold in place
b) resist
c) insult
d) distribute

7. Pithy
a) concise yet expressive
b) indirect
c) sarcastic
d) mournful

8. Wanton
a) greedy
b) insensitive
c) showing no limits
d) hostile

9. Cogent
a) simultaneous
b) convincing
c) brainy
d) thoughtful

10. Internecine
a) marked by internal strife
b) internal
c) infrequent
d) dangerous

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