English Vocabulary Quiz - Part 74

English Vocabulary Quiz for today :-

1. Ineluctable
a) can’t be put in words
b) unplanned
c) urgent
d) unavoidable

2. Litany
a) unwanted person
b) long account
c) illumination
d) proposal

3. Coterminous
a) equal in scope
b) overly detailed
c) primary
d) ending abruptly

4. Paucity
a) commonality
b) lack of
c) special liking
d) sudden pause

5. Qualm
a) discovery
b) sickness
c) uneasiness
d) question

6. Heretic
a) swindler
b) present moment
c) dissenter
d) ignoramus

7. Embroiled
a) enraged
b) bitter
c) swindled
d) in an argument

8. Untrammeled
a) not limited
b) undiscovered
c) inconsistent
d) undetectable

9. Macabre
a) hidden
b) gruesome
c) carefree
d) sinister

10. Fractious
a) broken into parts
b) uncertain
c) irritable
d) painful

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  1. sir ., one small request - some days ago , u once shared a post citing how foreign visits by PM Modi is benifiting our country.. or sometihng like that.. i request you to please update that post and share it once again., coz i feel may be that can be a topic for the descriptive part of d mains examination.

  2. Very difficult ur english vocas


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