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English Vocabulary Quiz - Part 76

Published on Tuesday, July 21, 2015
English Vocabulary Quiz for today :-

1. Guileless
a) lacking manners
b) abandoned
c) unskilled
d) without deceit

2. Tenacious
a) victorious
b) not giving up
c) weak
d) unfocused

3. Recrudesce
a) sprout
b) lower in quality
c) relapse
d) become savage

4. Antithetical
a) promoting health
b) sharply contrasted
c) isolated
d) unenthusiastic

5. Remonstrate
a) forcefully protest
b) advise
c) discuss secretly
d) outine

6. Incorrigible
a) notreformable
b) persistent
c) faint-hearted
d) unfeeling

7. Pyrrhic
a) abusive
b) insightful
c) ancient
d) of a costly victory

8. Renege
a) cheat
b) rebel
c) comply
d) go back on

9. Intimate
a) bribe
b) hint at
c) make obvious
d) remain close to

10. Avaricious
a) noble
b) bold
c) vicious
d) greedy

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