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Computer Awareness Quiz for IBPS Bank Exams - Part 3

Published on Wednesday, August 05, 2015
Computer Awareness Quiz for upcoming Bank Exams :-
Q1. SIM means:
a) Speed In Mobile
b) Special Identity Module
c) Subscriber Identity Module
d) None of These

Q2. CPU is:
a) Control Processing Unit
b) Computer Programming Unit
c) Central Processing Unit
d) None of These

Q3. Cable TV network is example of:
a) MAN
b) LAN
c) VAN
d) None of These

Q4. RAM stands for:
a) Read Access Memory
b) Random Access Memory
c) Rewritable Access Memory
d) None of These

Q5. ROM stands for:
a) Read Operating Memory
b) Random Oriented Memory
c) Read Only Memory
d) None of These

Q6. Which device connects LAN to Internet :
b) Bridge
c) Router
d) None of These

Q7. Sending an E-mail is similar to:
a) Drawing a Picture
b) Talking On the Phone
c) Writing a Letter
d) None of These

Q8. What do you do to start the slide show:
a) Click on Go
b) Click on Slide Show Icon
c) Turn on Transition
d) None of These

Q9. To print the power point presentation, press:
a) Ctrl + K
b) Ctrl + T
c) Ctrl + P
d) None of These

Q10. Shortcut key for Subscript is:
a) Ctrl + =
b) Ctrl + -
c) Ctrl + Shift + =
d) None of These

Q11. Shortcut Key for Superscript is:
a) Ctrl + =
b) Ctrl + -
c) Ctrl + Shift + =
d) None of These

Q12. Shortcut Key for insert hyperlink in document is:
a) Ctrl + H
b) Ctrl + K
c) Ctrl + L
d) None of These

Q13. We can detect spelling and grammar error by:
a) Press Shift + F7
b) Press F7
c) Press Alt + F7
d) None of These

Q14. Shortcut Key for font dialog box is:
a)Ctrl + F
b) Ctrl + G
c) Ctrl + D
d) None of These

Q15. Shortcut Key for Find and Replace dialog box is:
a) Ctrl + H
b)Ctrl + F
c) Both of Above
d) None of These

Q16. Which Operating System does not support long file names?
a) Window NT
b) MS - DOS
c) Windows 95
d) None of These

Q17. Which is not the function of Operating System?
a) Virus Protection
b) Application Management
c) Disk Management
d) None of These

Q18. Which of the following refers to memory in your computer:
a) LAN
b) USB
c) RAM
d) None of These

Q19.  Where would you find the word QWERTY:
a) Numeric Keypad
b) Mouse
c) Keyboard
d) None of These

Q20. Single Binary Digit is :
a) KB
b) MB
c) Bit 
d) None of These

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