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Computer Awareness Quiz for IBPS Exams - Part 7

Published on Monday, August 10, 2015
Important Computer Awareness questions from previous exams.

Q1. The key used to cancel the current task is:
a) ESC
b) End
c) Ctrl+End
d) None of These

Q2. F5 key is used:
a) Rename the selected file
b) Refresh the Active Window
c) Copy and Paste (optional demand)
d) None of These

Q3. The key used to rename file is:
a) F3
b) F4
c) F2
d) None of These

Q4. If you want to Bold then you will press:
a) Ctrl + K
b) Ctrl + C
c) Ctrl + B
d) None of These

Q5. If you want to cut the selected item, you will press:
a) Ctrl + Y
b) Ctrl + Z
c) Ctrl + X
d) None of These

Q6. Which key is used to open the start menu:
a) Ctrl + Esc
b) Ctrl + F5
c) Esc
d) None of These

Q7. USB stands for:
a) Universal Serial Band
b) Unique Serial Bus
c) Universal Serial Bus
d) None of These

Q8. "Homepage" word is associated with:
a) Operating Systems
b) Web Pages
c) Word Processing
d) None of These

Q9. Junk e- mail is also called:
a) Spam
b) Spill
c) Spoof
d) None of These

Q10. Primary language used for static web page design is:
b) PHP
c) Perl
d) None of These

Q11. Internet speed is measured in:
a) Kbps
b) Ghz
c) RPM
d) None of These

Q12. Inbox in e - mails refers to:
a) Location of Spams
b) Location where received mails are kept
c) Location of Deleted Mails
d) None of These

Q13. Authentication means:
a) Verify Password Only
b) Verification of Login name and Password
c) To know details of login name
d) None of These

Q14. DNS stands for:
a) Domain Network Service
b) Domain Necessarily Server
c) Domain Name System
d) None of These

Q15. Possible Variety of ROM is:
c) All of Above
d) None of These

Q16. .TXT extension refers usually refers to what kind of file:
a) Text File
b) Word File
c) Web File
d) None of These

Q17. WAN stands for:
a) WAP Access Network
b) Wireless Area Network
c) Wide Area Network
d) None of These

Q18. ISP stands for:
a) Internet Speed Provider
b) Internet Service Provider
c) Internet Security Protocol
d) None of These

Q19. SPIDER refers to:
a) Search Engine
b) An application for viewing web sites
c) A program that catalogs web sites
d) None of These

Q20. AOL stands for:
a) American Operating Language
b) America Over LAN
c) America Online
d) None of These

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