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Computer Awareness Quiz - Part 10

Published on Thursday, August 13, 2015
Computer Awareness Quiz for today :-
Q1. Which of the following are not programming paradigms types:
a) Object Oriented Programming
b) Aspect Oriented Programming
c) Session Oriented Programming
d) Structured Programming
e) None of These

Q2. OEM Software stands for:
a) Open - Source Entertainment Software
b) Other Equivalent Manufacturer Software
c)Operating Engine Manufacturer Software
d) Original Equipment Manufacturer Software
e) None of These

Q3. Which of the following enables users to visit a web site:
a) Web Viewer
b) Web Explorer
c) Web Browser
d)  None of These

Q4. Which "SUPERCOMPUTER" is developed by Indian Scientist:
a) Sarva Shrestha
b) Param
c) Super 301
d) Super Power 
e) None of These

Q5. Super Computers termed considered as:
a) Dumb Terminal
b) Intelligent Terminal
c) Smart Terminal
d) Super Terminal
e) None of These

Q6. POST stands for:
a) Power on Self Test
b) Pre Operating System Test
c) Pre Operating System Time
d) Pacific Operating System Test
e) None of These

Q7. Which of the following number system is natively used by a computer:
a) Hexadecimal 
b) Octal
c) Decimal
d) Binary
e) None of These

Q8. The transmission mode which allows both communicating devices to transmit and receive data simultaneously is:
a) Full Duplex
b) Simplex
c) Half Duplex
d) Simple Complex
e) None of These

Q9.  Which of the following is not related to the Internet and Web Development:
b) DOS
c) Internet Explorer
d) CSS
e) None of These

Q10. MP3 is a:
a) Sound Format
b) Printer
c) Mouse
d) Scanner
e) None of These

Q11. Java Programming language was invented by:
a) Christopher Kelein 
b) Charles Babbage
c) James Gosling
d) Grace Hopper
e) None of These

Q12. Which of the following buses available on computer system:
a) Address Bus
b) Data Bus
c) System Bus
d) All of Above
e) None of These

Q13. Which of the following stores the operating system files permanently:
a) Frisk Drives 
b) Hard Disk
c) RAM
d) Cache
e) None of These

Q14. CAD stands for:
a) Computer And Development
b) Computer Aided Design
c) Computer Access Design
d) Computer Access Development
e) None of These

Q15. Apple Computers were founded by:
a) Goblet Owata 
b) Stephane Lyndse 
c) Bill Gates
d) Steve Jobs
e) None of These

Q16. Motherboard is a:
a) A board which connects only CPU and Keyboard
b) A circuit board which connects all the elements
c) Keyboard otherwise known as motherboard
d) CPU's Circutary
e) None of These

Q17. Master Files contain data of:
a) Permanent Nature
b)  Global Nature
c) Temporary Nature
d) Local Natur
e) None of These

Q18. JVM stands for:
a) Java Via Mechanism
b) Justify Virtual Method
c) Jumbo Verbose Mechanism
d) Java Virtual Machine
e) None of These

Q19. 'Analytical Engine' was developed by:
a) Jacquard Loom
b) Shannon
c) Charles Babbage
d) IBM
e) None of These

Q20. Advanced Internet is an example of _________network:
a) Mesh
b) Star
c) Bus
d) Hybrid
e) None of These

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