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English Vocabulary Quiz for 7 August 2015

Published on Friday, August 07, 2015
English Vocabulary Quiz for today :-

1. Simulacrum
a) common trait
b) sad occurrence
c) bad limitation
d) relic

2. Posit
a) alert
b) accuse
c) assume as fact
d) scheme

3. Expansive
a) sociable
b) growing in size
c) well educated
d) carefree

4. Chortle
a) conspire
b) laugh merrily
c) talk softly
d) argue fiercely

5. Infelicitous
a) inappropriate
b) spiteful
c) utterly depressed
d) immature

6. Underwrite
a) mistreat
b) sabotage
c) support financially
d) intervene

7. Aphoristic
a) undeveloped
b) taunting
c) concise, true
d) dull

8. Peremptory
a) sudden
b) first in a series
c) one of a kind
d) bossy

9. Venial
a) lively, pleasant
b) corrupt
c) pardonable
d) vengeful

10. Insidious
a) underhanded
b) hardworking
c) disruptive
d) subtly destructive

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