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English Vocabulary Quiz for 8 August 2015

English Vocabulary Quiz for today :-

1. Fete
a) defy
b) celebrate a person
c) charm
d) give off stink

2. Impute
a) delay
b) lump together
c) add up
d) attribute

3. Leery
a) openminded
b) distrustful
c) deceitful
d) unwanted

4. Tantamount
a) bribe
b) equal to
c) intentional
d) highest point

5. Polemic
a) probing piece
b) special liking
c) method of counting
d) verbal attack

6. Pillory
a) overly mediate
b) ridicule publicly
c) cover up
d) make vulnerable

7. Tortuous
a) winding, twisty
b) never ending
c) illuminating
d) painful

8. Surly
a) overly serious
b) confident
c) lacking energy
d) bad tempered

9. Desideratum
a) necessity
b) estimate
c) official order
d) disgrace

10. Prodigious
a) developing young
b) great in size, extent
c) supportive
d) brilliant

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