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English Vocabulary Quiz - Part 81

Published on Sunday, August 02, 2015
English Vocabulary Quiz for today :-

1. Fleece
a) provide warmth
b) deceive
c) capture
d) entrance

2. Sordid
a) casual
b) manipulative
c) varied
d) morally questionable

3. Sangfroid
a) anger
b) hostility
c) frigidness
d) pose under pressure

4. Edifying
a) building
b) swirling
c) enlightening
d) correcting

5. Quisling
a) small amount
b) traitor
c) trivial question
d) academic

6. Feckless
a) instructive
b) unrefined
c) lazy, irresponsible
d) unoriginal

7. Ascetic
a) cautious
b) beautiful
c) bitter, caustic
d) practicing self-denial

8. Auspicious
a) cheerful
b) ominous
c) corrupt
d) favorable

9. Precocious
a) obnoxious
b) arrogant
c) developing early
d) immature

10. Admonitory
a) serving to warn
b) resentful
c) superior
d) clever

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