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English Vocabulary Quiz - Part 83

Published on Friday, August 14, 2015
English Vocabulary Quiz for today :-

vocabulary quiz

1. Contrive
a) pull off a scheme
b) work together
c) delay
d) think over

2. Mendacity
a) nobility
b) deceit
c) bravery
d) urban repair

3. Enjoin
a) discuss
b) prohibit
c) connect
d) collaborate

4. Languid
a) suspicious
b) unconcerned
c) tired
d) imprecise

5. Travail
a) journey
b) unraveling
c) victory
d) hard work

6. Exegesis
a) lack of protection
b) act of leaving
c) lengthy debate
d) critical analysis

7. Itinerant
a) relating to the city
b) untrustworthy
c) traveling
d) on and off

8. Carping
a) playful
b) flexible
c) noisy
d) fault finding

9. Slapdash
a) hastily put together
b) evasive
c) moving swiftly
d) abusive

10. Splenetic
a) miserly
b) corrupt
c) luxurious
d) highly irritable

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