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English Vocabulary Quiz - Part 85

Published on Monday, August 17, 2015
English Vocabulary Quiz for today :-
1. Remiss
a) be negligent
b) yearn for
c) release
d) describe vividly

2. Arch
a) odd
b) broken
c) teasing
d) awe inspiring

3. Derisive
a) instructive
b) unoriginal
c) full of ridicule
d) unimportant

4. Decorous
a) well meaning
b) well decorated
c) well behaved
d) well educated

5. Jingoism
a) fanatical patriotism
b) impracticality
c) playfulness
d) belief in oneself

6. Expound
a) act without thinking
b) realize ambition
c) capture
d) add details to

7. Inscrutable
a) unlikely
b) unfathomable
c) unchangeable
d) unforgiving

8. Extenuating
a) making less guilty
b) uncertain
c) weakening
d) insinuating

9. Eke
a) scrape by
b) move quietly
c) express disgust
d) surrender

10. Benighted
a) loyal
b) much celebrated
c) ignorant
d) courageous

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