English Vocabulary Quiz - Part 84

English Vocabulary Quiz - Part 84

1. Rakish
a) disreputable
b) hard working
c) closely situated
d) fancy

2. Pernicious
a) pervasive
b) stealthy
c) harmful
d) precious

3. Bowdlerize
a) smuggle
b) censor
c) dismiss
d) deceive

4. Portentous
a) common place
b) prophetic
c) eerie
d) important

5. Prescience
a) introduction
b) pretentiousness
c) able to foresee future
d) distinctive feature

6. Chary
a) weary
b) celebratory
c) cautious
d) trusting

7. Perquisite
a) requirement
b) qualification
c) exclusive right
d) unique trait

8. Picayune
a) special
b) moral judgment
c) trifling, petty
d) resentful

9. Vicissitude
a) nasty comment
b) fatal flaw
c) special ability
d) change in fortune

10. Harried
a) made to hurry up
b) troubled persistently
c) endangered
d) punctual

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