English Vocabulary Quiz - Part 88

English vocabulary quiz for today :-

1. Sinecure
a) insecurity
b) easy job
c) official ban
d) false story

2. Overweening
a) detail oriented
b) not tiring
c) extremely proud
d) bossy

3. Prescience
a) introduction
b) pretentiousness
c) able to foresee future
d) distinctive feature

4. Forlorn
a) tired
b) hopeless
c) forgetful
d) undecided

5. Foible
a) unwanted item
b) small weakness
c) weak
d) untrue story

6. Raft
a) large number
b) rapid movement
c) attack
d) negative outcome

7. Propitiate
a) appease
b) distinguish
c) supply
d) sympathize

8. Lambast
a) criticize severely
b) act shyly
c) tease lightly
d) provide support

9. Indignant
a) angry
b) poor
c) native
d) without dignity

10. Palimpsest
a) condemnation
b) something reused
c) lucky discovery
d) careful plan

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