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10 Errors Spotting Rules with Examples

Published on Monday, September 28, 2015
Error Spotting is a common part of every banking exam. Here are some examples solved with the Common Rules of spotting errors.

Errors spotting Rules :


The scenery of Kashmir are enchanting.

Solution 1 :-
The scenery of Kashmir is enchanting.
RULE  - There are some nouns which seems to be plural, but always take a singular verb.
Scenery, Information, advice, innings, machinery, stationery, athletics, ethics, furniture, abuse, fuel, poetry, rice, gram, business, economics, physics, mathematics, issue, bidding, mischief, news, repair, classics, gallows.


The cattle is gazing in the ground.

Solution 2 :-
The cattle are gazing in the ground.

RULE There are some nouns which seems to be in singular form, but they are used as plural nouns and always take a plural verb.
Cattle, police, company, gentry, vermin(various small animals that are injurious to health), peasantry(position/rank), artillery(Branch of armed forces that uses large calibre guns), people, clergy(body of people recognized as spiritual leaders). 


Where is my trousers ?

Solution 3 :-
Where are my trousers ?

RULE There are some nouns which are always used in plural form and always take a plural verb.
Trousers, spectacles, stockings, scissors, goods, shorts, measles, alms, premises, thanks, tidings, etc


It is three years degree course.

Solution 4 :-
It is three year degree course.

RULE Some nouns indicate length, measure, money, weight or number. When they are preceded by a numerical value, their form will remain unchanged.
Year, head, pair, foot, dozen, , metre, score, hundred, thousand, million.


The jury was divided in this case.

Solution 5 :-
The jury were divided in this case.

RULE - Collective nouns can be singular or plural depending on how they are used in a sentence.
Jury, orchestra, public, team, committee, government, audience, company, etc..
1) Singular collective nouns - The team has not come yet. (Has is used as it refers to a unit)
2) Plural collective nouns - The team have new t-shirts this year. (Have is used as it is referring to the members of team).


The team have not come as yet.

Solution 6 :-
The team has not come as yet.

RULE - Same as explained in Solution 5. Here has is used as team refers to a unit.


The Collector and District Magistrate are on leave.

Solution 7 :-
The Collector and District Magistrate is on leave.

RULE When two singular nouns pointing out the same thing or person, are joined by using 'and', than the verb will be singular,
e.g.:- Bread and butter makes a good breakfast. 


India is independent for the last forty six years.

Solution 8 :-
India has been independent for the last forty six years.

RULE - When anything happened in the  past and still continues in the present, the perfect continuous tense form of the verb should be used.


Sita is more intelligent and wise than Rita.

Solution 9 :-
Sita is more intelligent and wiser than Rita.

RULE - Two or more adjectives showing the qualities of same man or thing, must be in the same degree.


This is the most unique building that I have seen.

Solution 10:-
This is the unique building that I have seen.

RULE - Some adjective always remain positive degree form i.e. form of adjective which does not show a comparison.

Annual,  absolute, circular, chief, entire, extreme, right, perfect, round, whole, universe, complete, etc.

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