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Computer Awareness Quiz - Computer Networking (Part 2)

Published on Tuesday, September 22, 2015
Computer network quiz for today :-

computer quiz

Q1. The method of communication in which transaction takes place in both directions, but only in one direction at a time is called:
a) Simplex 
b) Full Duplex
c) Half Duplex 
d) None of The Above

Q2. Error detection at the data link level is achieved by:
a) Bit Stuffing 
b) Cyclic Redundancy Codes
c) Hamming Codes
d) Equalization

Q3. The topology with highest reliability is:
a) Bus Topology
b) Star Topology
c) Ring Topology
d) Mesh Topology
e) None of The Above

Q4. Baud means:
a) The number of bits transmitted per unit time
b) The number of bytes transmitted per unit time
c) The rate at which the signal changes
d) None of The Above

Q5. Start and stop bits are used in serial communication for:
a) Error Detection 
b) Error Correction 
c) Synchronization 
d) None of The Above

Q6. Pick the incorrect statements:
a) Another name for primary/secondary protocol is master/slave
b) Peer to peer protocol provides equal status to all sites on the channel
c) Priority, non priority types comes under master/slave protocol 
d) None of The Above

Q7. Adaptive or dynamic directory used in packet routing changes:
a) within each session 
b) with each user session
c) at system generation time only 
d) None of The Above

Q8. The method of networking routing where every possible path between transmitting and receiving DTE is used is called:
a) Random Routing 
b) Packet Routing 
c) Directory Routing 
d) None of The Above 

Q9. Which one following network uses dynamic or adaptive routing:
c) SNA
d) None of The Above

Q10. The difference between a multiplexer and a statistical multiplexer is:
a) Multiplexer use TDM, while statistical multiplexer uses FDM
b) Multiplexers often waste the output link capacity while statistical multiplexers optimize its use
c) Multiplexers use the X.25 protocol, while statistical multiplexers use the ALOHA protocol.
d) None of The Above

Q11. The parameter which gives the probability of the transport layer itself spontaneously terminating a connection due to internal problem is called:
a) Protection 
b) Resilience 
c) Option Negotiation 
d) None of the Above 

Q12. The ______measures the number of lost or garbled messages as a fraction of the total sent in the sampling period:
a) Residual error rate 
b) Transfer failure probability 
c) Connection release failure probability 
d) Connection establishment failure probability 

Q13. Layer one of the OSI model is:
a) Physical Layer
b) Link Layer 
c) Transport Layer
d) None of The Above

Q14. Which of the following is possible in a taken passing bus network:
a) In service expansion 
b) Unlimited number of stations 
c) Unlimited distance 
d) None of The Above

Q15. Which of the following transmission system provides the highest data rate to an individual device:
a) Computer Bus
b) Telephone Lines 
c) Voice Band Modem 
d) None of The Above

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