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English Vocabulary Quiz - 19 September 2015

Published on Saturday, September 19, 2015
English Vocabulary Quiz :-

1. Factious
a) fake
b) irritable
c) causing dissension
d) based on reality

2. Foible
a) untrue story
b) small weakness
c) weak
d) unwanted item

3. Hamstrung
a) made flexible
b) made powerless
c) made in haste
d) made artificially

4. Insolvent
a) uncommon
b) rude
c) bankrupt
d) impossible

5. Subversive
a) underhanded
b) creative
c) opposing authority
d) uncertain

6. Insouciance
a) denial
b) smugness
c) lack of concern
d) refined taste

7. Specious
a) insightful
b) special
c) relating to wealth
d) misleadingly attractive

8. Castigate
a) slander
b) capture
c) preserve
d) scold harshly

9. Ferret
a) pose a threat
b) report wrongdoing
c) search for
d) move stealthily

10. Didactic
a) opinionated
b) known to few
c) instructive
d) technical

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