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Reasoning Seating Arrangements - Square Plan

Published on Thursday, September 24, 2015
Directions (Q. 1-5) Read the following information carefully and answer the questioins that follow.
            Twelve friends are sitting in two squares. One square is inside another. Paras, Qurbaan, Rajat, Singh, Tom and Vinod are in the outer square facing inward. Amar, Birbal, Chinku, Deep, Eshika and Farukh  are sitting in the inner square facing outward. They all are sitting in such a way that in each square four persons are sitting in the middle of the sides and two persons are sitting on diagonally opposite corners.
Each friend in the inner square is facing another friend of the outer square. There are exactly two persons sitting between Paras and Tom. Eshika sits second to the left of Amar. Rajat is on the immediate left of the one who is facing Amar. Neither Eshika nor Amar faces either Tom or Paras.  Singh is facing Farukh and Qurbaan is not opposite Rajat in the outer square. Tom is not sitting adjacent to Singh. Birbal is not facing Paras. Between Birbal and Deep there are as many persons as between Rajat and Vinod.

Q1. Who is sitting opposite Birbal?
                   a) Vinod                                b) Qurbaan                             c) Tom
                   d) Data inadequate                e) None of these

Q2.  Vinod is facing which of the following persons?
                   a) Eshika                              b) Deep                                  c) Amar
                   d) Data inadequate                e) None of these

Q3. Who is sitting on the immediate left of Rajat?
                  a) Amar                                 b) Singh                                  c) Paras
                  d) Data  inadequate                e) None of these

Q4. Four of the five are alike in a certain manner. Select the one which is not similar to the other four.
                a) Rajat and Eshika                   b) Amar and Singh                 c) Deep and Tom
                d) Farukh and Qurbaan              e) Chinku and Eshika

Q5. Who is sitting second to the left of Deep?
               a) Amar                                      b) Eshika                                  c) Farukh
               d) Data inadequate                       e) None of these


(Note - Arrows shows the face directions of persons)
Answer 1.   (Option C)
Answer 2.   (Option A)
Answer 3.  (Option C)
Answer 4.   (Option E)

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