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Why a Mentor is more important than a Coaching Institute

Published on Monday, September 07, 2015
Yesterday one of my regular readers called me and asked a repetitive question. He asked - "Please recommend a coaching institute in Ludhiana"

If you are a regular reader of my blog then you might be aware of the fact that I am against "BIG COACHING INSTITUTES" cultures that developed during past few years. 

I already wrote this article on this topic.

coaching institutes
Let me clear one fact that I am not against coaching but I am against "Big coaching institutes". I have experienced this fact myself last years. I was a good teacher till I had 5-6 students, it was a kind group studies session, we use to solve 70-80 question in one session and the session wasn't time bound. Things changed when number of students increased and I started teaching for money! 

Cons of coaching institutes :-

Number of students

I can't understand how one teacher can teach 90-100 students in a class. Yes! they are doing it. Teachers don't know the names of students!


How you are going to guide a student if you didn't have any kind of interaction with him/her in past. 

Researches proved that attending a big class in terms of number of students is not useful at all. What you are going to learn in the class if nobody is going to clear your doubts. 

==>> It's better to buy Video lectures DVDs in which you repeat the classes and pause anywhere.

Quality of teachers

Do you know that most of the teachers teaching at those "BIG INSTITUTES" themselves failed in banking exams. What you expect from them ? They can only teach you how to fail. 

Last year when I started teaching students at my institute (there were 6 students in my first batch). I use to interact a lot with my students. We use to have 2 hours long class everyday. After first week of the batch, I came to know that one of my students was a teacher at IBS(A renowned institute in a nearby city). She told me that she was teaching 90-100 students class. She revealed that she was making Rs.500-700 per lecture and that was more than what I was making at that time !

She was the weakest student in my batch and till now she is not able to crack even clerical cadre exam. 

PS - Now she is a good friend and I hope that she won't read this ever. 

Study Material

Books and manuals that institutes provide aren't enough to crack the real exam. These manuals are easy, so that their low quality faculty can teach you. You won't be allowed to bring any other book in the class and even if you bring those books, most of the teachers won't solve questions from those books. 

Choose you Mentor not "Coaching Institute"

Last week, I met a bank exams aspirant. Last month he completed his M.Com., he told me that he completed entire Bank preparation course from Mahendra's and it's the biggest institute in Ludhiana. He told me that he bought a Green Card (I don't remember that name) for Rs.2000 during a offer period. He got all the books and he can attend lectures even after completing the course. It was pretty amazing that how they are doing it for 2000 bucks, that too with free books and test series. 

He asked me for tips. 

I asked him - "In which chapters of Quantitative Aptitude you are facing trouble ? "

I was surprised to know that he wasn't aware of the syllabus although he completed the 3 months course. 


Then I gave him a simple question from Time and Work. If A can do a job in 5 days and B can do the same job in 10 days, then in how many days, they can complete their job. He was confused.

At this point I come to know that he wasted his precious 3 months. 

But wait. He was satisfied because he got a lot of stuffs for 2000 bucks. I tried to explain him that you aren't a student and not a businessman, you didn't go there to strike a good deal, you went there to learn something which you didn't. 

At the end I told him to start his preparation from scratch. Right now he is working as my assistant and I am guiding him in every possible manner. He is an intelligent guy and I am sure that he will crack PO level exam within a year.

In Nutshell

1) Avoid "BIG INSTITUTES", I know that studying with 90-100 is a good experience, you get an opportunity to make new friends. Do you think that this is the right time time to make new friends? NO! It's neither the right time or place to find new friends.

2) Find a mentor who himself/herself potential of cracking a PO level exam. There are dozens of such people around, people who cracked CAT or similar aptitude exam in past. Anyone who can give you an hour every week. There are might be many one man institutes in your locality and trust me, quality of education will be better there.

PS - Right now I am mentoring 4 students so no spots left.

What if you unable to find a good teacher

Self study is always the best option for competitive exam. Pick the best study material and be regular in your studies. Make a schedule and stick to it.

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