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Cloze Test Technique along with Example

Published on Friday, October 02, 2015
Cloze Test is one of the important topics of competitive exams.Generally it contains 10 marks.In this, you have to choose the right option among the multiple choices, to fill the blanks given in the question.
cloze test

TIPS to fill the blanks :

  • Firstly, read the passage and try to get the structure and a brief idea of the passage, i.e. the subject or context in which the passage writes about.
  • After this, start filling the blanks according to the choices given in the options.
  • Try judging the options which are not related to the context of the passage and start eliminating them.
  • Now, among the remaining sentences, try to find the meaning of the words according to your vocabulary knowledge or common usage of words.
  • If still the meaning of the words are not clear to you, then try to find clues in the sentence or in a sentence preceding or succeeding the blank. Sometimes meanings are hidden in the sentences.


Here is the example of cloze test. First try to solve the answers by yourself and than check with solutions.

Hardly had I boarded a bus for the railway station when, to my dismay, I remembered that I had forgotten my purse at home. If ever you have had such an experience, you will find know the feeling which such a discovery ___(1)_____ . In such a situation, one would be _____(2)____ because he would look like a fool at the best and like a ____(3)__ at the worst. One would not be at all ___(4)___ if the conductor gavee you a contemptuous stare as much as to say, " Yes , I know that ___(5)___old trick,  Now then, you be ____(6)__ the bus", and even if the conductor were, a ___(7)___ fellow and allowed you to travel without paying the fare, you would still be faced with the necessity of going back home to collect your purse and thus ___(8)__ the train. Having searched my pockets in ___(9)___ for stray coins and having found I was ___(10)__ penniless, I told the conductor with as honest a face as I could assume  that I couldn't pay the fare, and must go back for money.

1)    a. acquires            b. arouses               c. creates           d. shows                e. imparts

2)    a. annoyed            b. happy                 c. pained           d. pleased              e. miserable

3)    a. gullible              b. half-witted         c. knave             d.simpleton           e. idiot

4)    a. angry                 b. annoyed             c. satisfied         d. surprised            e. happy

5)    a. clever                 b. fresh                   c. stale               d. ugly                    e. cunning

6)    a. board                  b. leave                  c. off                 d. stand                   e. sit

7)    a. bad                     b. good                   c. harsh              d. strict                   e. rash

8)    a. boarding             b.catching               c. meeting          d. missing            e. stopping

9)    a. anxiety        b. vain            c. hurry          d. desperation      e. hopelessness

10)  a. utterly                b. mostly                 c.  partially          d.  truly               e. totally


1) b. arouses  - emotions, feelings and responses

2) a. annoyed - impatient or angry

3) c. Knave - jack of face cards

4) d. surprised - amazed or stunned

5) c. stale - day-old or unoriginal

6) c. off - from a particular thing or place

7) b. good - positive quality

8) d. missing - fail to reach or get to on time

9) b. vain - immoderate or overstated sense 

10) a. utterly - absolutely

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