English Vocabulary Quiz - IBPS PO Mains

english vocabulary
1. Reservation
a) quiet
b) desire to attend
c) doubt
d) persistence

2. Thrifty
a) transparent
b) rapidly moving
c) clever
d) wise with money

3. Malevolent
a) powerful
b) evil-minded
c) prone to error
d) unfavourable

4. Ornate
a) precise
b) elaborately decorated
c) foreign
d) very angry

5. Equivocate
a) speak vaguely
b) treat justly
c) be neutral
d) pronounce clearly

6. Accolade
a) high praise
b) meeting
c) temporary agreement
d) special skill

7. Steadfast
a) moving quickly
b) uncertain
c) unwavering
d) bold

8. Thoroughgoing
a) strict
b) absolute, complete
c) sociable
d) well-travelled

9. Docile
a) easily managed
b) knowledgable
c) flexible
d) highly important

10. Affluent
a) wealthy
b) flowing
c) sociable
d) smelly

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