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English Vocabulary Quiz - Part 90

Published on Friday, October 09, 2015
English Vocabulary Quiz for today :-
english quiz
1. Engender
a) be similar to
b) give rise to
c) hold accountable
d) corrupt

2. Blinkered
a) depraved
b) unbiased
c) full of lights
d) limited in outlook

3. Repudiate
a) criticize formally
b) confuse
c) disprove
d) deny as untrue

4. Inimical
a) without equal
b) miraculous
c) hostile
d) imaginative

5. Prolixity
a) relaxed manner
b) excellence
c) dispiritedness
d) verbosity

6. Importuned
a) contributed
b) asked persistently
c) made significant
d) suggested

7. Gauche
a) clumsy
b) surprised
c) unique
d) disreputable

8. Castigate
a) slander
b) capture
c) scold harshly
d) preserve

9. Virago
a) adventurer
b) violent wind
c) screaming woman
d) virtuous person

10. Nonplussed
a) dissolved
b) inconsiderate
c) unsure how to act
d) confident

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