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English Vocabulary Test - IBPS PO Mains (Part 1)

Published on Wednesday, October 28, 2015
1. Propitious
a) calming
b) favorable
c) bold
d) bossy

2. Quotidian
a) talkative
b) learned
c) mundane
d) quaint

3. Turpitude
a) Intellectual flair
b) Lack of energy
c) boldness
d) moral wickedness

4. Impertinent
a) unholy
b) not cautious
c) insignificant
d) disrespectful

5. Pejorative
a) disapproving
b) overabundant
c) common
d) insincere

6. Eschew
a) avoid
b) be dependent on
c) move stealthily
d) speak slowly

7. Spurious
a) abusive
b) fake
c) clever
d) energizing

8. travesty
a) mockery
b) mixture
c) sideshow
d) tragedy

9. Acrimony 
a) official report
b) similarity
c) willingness
d) bitterness

10. Preclude 
a) introduce
b) prevent
c) transfer
d) distinguish

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