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General Awareness Mock Test for IBPS PO Mains

Published on Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Do it in 7 minutes
gk for ibps po
Q1 Recently ,the Government of India has launched a pension scheme named Pradhan Mantri  Jeevan jyoti Bima Yojana .Whis is yearly premium one has to pay to avail this pension scheme?
1)Rs 12    2)Rs336   3)Rs100 4)Rs500  5)Rs330

Q2 How many cities has been selected in recently launched  Hriday scheme  by the Ministry of Urban development?
1) 15  2) 12  3)20  4) 12 5)10

Q3 BRICS countries agreeded to launch new bank named NDB.What is full foam of NDB?
1)New Development Bank
2)National Development Bank
3)New Dynamic Bank
4)National Dynamic Bank
5)None of these

Q4 Recently RBI in monetary policy review ,decided to reduced repo rate ,by what percentage points RBI has reduced the repo rate ?
1)50bps   2)30 bps   3)75 bps  4)25bps  5)None of these

Q5Which of the following organization has launched the  India Aspiration Fund to help small entrepreneurs and start ups?

Q6 India has recently concluded 14 days joint military exercise Mitra Shakti-2015 with which country?
1) China  2)USA  3) France  4)Sri-Lanka  5)Germany

Q7 Which city has topped the list  as cleaniest city in Swachh Bharat Abhiyan rankings?
1)Kochi 2)Hasan 3)Bangalore  4)Mysore  5)Gangtok

Q8 Which of the following person has been appointed as Chairman of the Bandhan Bank?
1)Surinder Ghosh   2)Ashok Lahri    3)Chandra Sekhar Ghosh   4)N.k Sharma  5)None of these

Q9Finance Minister Shri Arun Jaitely ,inaugurated the first branch of Bandhan Bank in which city ?
1) New Delhi  2) Mumbai  3)Kolkata   4)Chandigarh  5)Bangalore

Q10What is the Tag line of Bandhan Bank ?
1)Sabka Bhala ,Sabki Bhalai    
2)Aapka Bhala ,Humre Bhalai  
3) Humra Bhalai ,Sabki Bhalai 
4) Aapka Bhala, Sabki Bhalai     
5)None of these

Q11 What is the amount of total disclosures under the compliance window of  the Black Money (Undisclosed Foreign Income and Assets) and Imposition of Tax Act, 2015 ?
1) 10,000 cr   2) 8250 cr   3) 3770 cr  4) 5463 cr   5) 7658 cr

Q12How many months compliance window had been given to declare undisclosed Foreign Assets under the Black Money (Undisclosed Foreign Income and Assets) and Imposition of Tax Act, 2015?
1) 3months  2) 4months   3) 6months  4) 5 months  5)None of these

Q13 Who is appointed as new Finance Secretary in GOI?
1)Rajiv Mehrishi   2)Ratan P Watal  3)N .R Chowdary   4)O.P. Singh   5)None of these

Q14 What does ‘N ‘ stand for in NFC technology used in contactless cards?
1)Near   2) Normal   3) Nimble   4)New  5)None of these

Q15 According to caste census 2011 released recently ,among  them which is smallest caste community in India ?
1)Sikh  2)Muslims  3)Jains    4)Christians      5)None of these

Q16 After how many years population  census held in india?
1)6 yrs  2) 5yrs  3)10 yrs  4)15 yrs 5) 12yrs

Q17 Who is appointed is new Prime Minister of Nepal after new constitution adopted by the constituent assembly ?
1)Vishnu kumar  2)Ram Baran yadav   3)Hemant kumar   4)Sushil  koirala  5)O.P Sharma Oli

Q18 What is the minimum quantity of gold a person can deposit in the recently launched  Gold Monetization Scheme to tap the un used gold ?
1)5gm  2)10gm   3)30gm    4)20gm   5)50gm

Q19 Who among the following has been awarded with Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award 2015?
1)Bajrang  2)Sania Mirza    3)Sania Nehwal     4)K. Srikanth     5)None of these

Q20 Who is the winner of Japan formula one world  Championship  ?
1)Lewis Hamilton   2)Sebastian Vettel  3)Kimi Raikkonen 4) Fernando Alonso 5) None of these

Q21 According to report published by World Economic Forum who  is the biggest employer in India in 2015?
1)Indian Railways   2)Indian Army    3)Walmart     4) NTPC     5)NHAI

Q22   Which organization published the report ” World Development report “?
1)IMF    2)WHO    3)ADB      4)WTO     5)Wold Bank

Q23Who is elected as new Prime Minister of Greece after general election  held  in that country  ?
1)Alexis Tsipras     2)Vassiliki Thanou      3)Antonis Samaras     4)Lucas Papademos   5) None of these

Q24 According to report published by World Economic Forum who  is the biggest employer in World in 2015?
1)Dept. Of Defense (USA)      2)Chinese Liberation Army  3)Walmart    4)Indian Army  5)None of these

Q25 How many countries signed Article of Agreement  to join membership of newly formed AIIB ?
1)20    2) 60     3)50       4)40      5)25

Q26 Which player in football has won European golden shoe award consecutively for last four years ?
1)Neymar 2)Janathan 3)Sergio  Aguero    4)Cristiano Ronaldo  5)Lionel Messi

Q27 RBI has given license to two private sector companies to start banking operations ,out of these two one is IDFC. What is full foam of IDFC?
1) Infrastructure Development Finance Company.
2) Infrastructure Development Foreign Company
3) Investment Development Finance Company
4) Infrastructure Design Finance Company
5)None of these

Q28 According to list released by Forbes  magazine  of 100 most powerful women in World . Who is at top of this list ?
1)Angela  Merkel   2)Janet Yellen    3)Mary Bara     4)Melinda Gates   5)Hillary Clinton

Q29 How many public sector companies are having Maharatna status at present ?
1). 6     2) 7           3). 8                 4)9         5)15

Q30 According to priority sector guidelines for banks, what is  percentage  that banks have to lend  to agriculture and allied activities?
1)16%   2)18%    3)40%    4)30%    5)25%



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