IBPS Clerk : English Vocabulary Quiz

1. Parochial 
a) pompous
b) narrow-minded
c) overused
d) tidy

2. Execrate 
a) release
b) curse, hiss at
c) deny
d) formally scold

3. Commensurate 
a) in proportion to
b) of the highest rank
c) thoughtless
d) dignified, calm

4. Ingratiate 
a) translate unclearly
b) debate
c) seek favour from another
d) insult

5. Staid 
a) arid
b) serious, degnified
c) loyal, unwavering
d) stationary

6. Demur 
a) object
b) lower quality of
c) celebrate
d) act shyly

7. Mercurial 
a) Emotionally changing
b) gloomy
c) dangerous
d) radiant

8. Denigrate 
a) embrace
b) completely destroy
c) attack a reputation
d) become sad

9. Acrimony 
a) Official report
b) willingness
c) bitterness
d) similarity

10. Inexorable 
a) in born
b) easily fatigued
c) overly detailed
d) impossible to stop

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