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IBPS PO Mains : Expected Questions in Computer Awareness

Published on Thursday, October 15, 2015
Computer awareness quiz for IBPS PO Mains exam :-
Q1. Magnetic tape is not practical for application where data must be quickly recalled because tape is _______:
a)  a random access medium
b) expensive
c) a read only medium
d) fragile and easily damaged
e) a sequential access medium

Q2. Why should you delete unknown e-mail attachments:
a) You could go to jail
b) The person could track you down and hurt you
c) It is bad manners
d) It might contain a virus that could hurt your computer
e) None of The Above

Q3. How is it possible that both programs and data can be stored on the same floppy disk?
a) A floppy disk has two sides, one for data and one for programs
b) A floppy disk has to be formatted for one or for the other
c) Programs and data are both software, and both can be stored on any memory device
d) Floppy disks can only store data, not programs
e) Floppy disks are better than CDs

Q4. What is an embedded system?
a) A program that comes wrapped in a box
b) A program that is permanently part of a computer
c) A computer that is part of a larger computer
d) A computer and software system that controls a machine or appliance
e) None of The Above

Q5. Which of the following will you require to hear music on your computer?
a) Video Card
b) Tape Recorder
c) Mouse
d) Joy Stick
e) Sound Card

Q6. The signal that a computer is waiting for a command from the user is ______:
a) Prompt
b) Event
c) Time Slice
d) Interrupt
e) None of The Above

Q7. This software allows the user to move from page to page on the Web by clicking on or selecting a hyperlink, or by typing in the address of the destination page ______:
a) Web Browser
b) Web Search Engine
c) Web Homepage
d) Web Service
e) None of The Above

Q8. For Viewing video CDs, you would use ______:
a) CD Player
b) Windows Media Player
c) Windows Video Player
d) Windows Movie Player
e) None of The Above

Q9. Executing more than one program concurrently by one user on one computer is known as _____:
a) Multi - Programming
b) Multi - Processing
c) Time Sharing
d) Multi Tasking
e) None of The Above

Q10. Which of the following controls the manner of interaction between the user and the operating system?
a) Language Translator
b) Platform
c) User Interface
d) Icon
e) None of The Above

Q11. You can keep your personal files/ folders in _______:
a) My Folder
b) My Documents
c) My Files
d) My Text
e) My Collections

Q12. Three types of compact disks include CD - ROM, CD - R and ________:
a) CD - W
b) CD - ROM
c) CD - DVD
d) CD - RW
e) None of The Above

Q13. All computers must have ______:
a) Word Processing Software
b) An Operating System
c) A Printer Attached
d) A Virus Checking Program
e) None of The Above

Q14. Collecting Personal information and effectively posing as another individual is known as the time of _______:
a) Spooling
b) Spoofing
c) Hacking
d Identity Theft
e) None of the Above

Q15. Where you are likely to find an embedded operating system?
a) on a desktop operating system
b) on a language
c) on a network server
d) on a PDA
e) on a mainframe

Q16. An online discussion group that allows direct live communication is known as ______:
a) web crawler
b) chat group
c) regional service provider
d) hyperlink
e)  email

Q17. Which of the following is a program that uses a variety of different approaches to identify and eliminate spam?
a) Directory search
b) anti - spam program
c) web server
d) web storefront creation package
e) virus

Q18. Connection or link to other document or web pages that contain related information is called _______:
a) dial - up
b) electronic commerce
c) hyperlink
d) e - cash
e) e-mail

Q19. Which of the following is a programming language for creating special programs like applets?
a) Java
b) Cable
c) Domain Name
d) Net

Q20. The system unit _______:
a) coordinates input and output devices
b) is the container that houses electronic components
c) is a combination of hardware and software
d) controls and manipulate data
e)  does the arithmetic operations

Q21. System software ______:
a) is a programming language
b) a part of a productivity suite
c) is an optional form of software
d) is an internal software for applications
e) helps the computer manage internal resources

Q22. Computer and communication technologies such as communication links to the internet that provide help and understanding to the end user is known as ________:
a) presentation file
b) information technology
c) program
d) worksheet file
e) FTP

Q23. Which of the following is contained  on chips connected to the system board and is a holding area for data instructions and information?
a) program
b) mouse
c) internet
d) memory
e) modem

Q24. Microsoft messenger allows users to ______:
a) to bypass a browser to surf the web
b) create a blog
c) communicate via direct live communication
d) identify and eliminate spam
e) make graphic presentation

Q25. Portable computer, also known as laptop computer, weighing between 4 and 10 pounds is called ______:
a) general purpose application
b) internet
c) scanner
d) printer
e)  notebook computer

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